A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dive into this mystic world where you play a short RPG as No Face - a demon which does not remeber who it was before dying.

Found out more about its past and the world it is currently wandering on.


It is pretty short and not complex at all. But I just started working with Unity and pixel arts and it was as difficult as everything at the beginning.

But somehow I managed it and I am quite proud of what's the result.

I would love to make more games and therefore I really appreciate every kind of critics and/or feedback that you have for me! (just send E-Mail to ToniDevGames@gmx.de)

Since I never actually planned to make that short game available online I did not really saved any links to sounds or pictures I used in my game - which I made not by myself. After finishing the game I started to search for every single file but could not re-find anything. 

So if anyone recognizes his or her sounds (found them all on freesounds.org) please just write an E-Mail and I will immediately mention you in the credits.

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading it!

Just unzip the folder and doubleclick on the executable file named "No Face".

Have Fun!


JourneysOfNoFace_Game.zip 30 MB

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